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Little about me ....

Michael (Mike) Immel

I cut my "teeth" in photography at the tender age of 11. My Mom needed someone to shoot some
pictures for a Girl Scout Day Camp that summer and I got elected (since in those days kid did
not stay home alone, I was on my way to the camp with my sister and Mom). I got my first lesson
on a 4x5 Speed Graphic that belong to Dad. The lesson was in the car on the way to the day
camp. Some very interesting picture came out of that assignment.. I have since been self
taught, Dad taught, school and collage taught and the my old friend  -- the school of hard knocks.

That was over 44 years ago now and I have had many cameras since then ... Canon, Nikon,
Yashica, Fujica, Bronica, Kodak, Speed Graphics, Tachihara. Used many formats .... 35mm, 2
1/4x2 1/4. 4x5, 8x10 and now into the Digital age.

I can be reached at
Snapping pictures for over 44 years
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Collector of Graphics Cameras and Light
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