Pictures from our last night at Misty's
A note from Carmen to the group early that morning after we all got home.....

Dear Misty's Gang,

When I got the call from Gloria this morning that tonight was the night and it was the
very last night for ever dancing at Misty's and seeing our old friends....I was not sure if
I would make it out. As many of you remember, my dis-satisfaction with Misty's was
building up over time and when I left Misty's to dance ballrooom, it was time for a

I missed you all but I made many new dance friends, and so many times I tried to
invite you all to come and dance where I was dancing. Sometimes I actually
succeeded and there were times when I went out dancing with Gloria and Jim and
Bill. I did not want to lose our Misty's circle of friends. We were all friends for such a
long time.

Tonight, I was glad that I went one last time. It was like stepping back in time tonight
and as I danced with each of my friends, I had flashbacks of when I met each of you
and of all the fun times we had dancing and as our group grew, also of the group
activities that we all did together and the BBQ's at my house and I nurtured all these
friendships and watched them grow.

Sooooo many memories sooooooooo many!

Gloria, remember all the times we drove together and our deep talks in the car, and
your fish sandwhiches and our special trips to the bathroom to primp. Remember
how and I set the standard for all our other female friends and we were the
class act there and all the women wanted to copy us.
Remember when we ran out of gas on the freeway...remember when you watched 2
men pull me in different and this is just all in a months worth of
dances.......the memories I have of you are COUNTLESS!

Frankie.....remember all our great salsa dances??? We were great! were considered my #1 partner and everyone knew it. We always had fun
keeping people in suspense. Everyone thought we were having a hot torrid affair but
as we both know, you and I were just a great dance combination and it was always
fun to burn up the dance floor and then walk away from each other leaving people
even more puzzeled. thanks for the memories. were part of my original click back in 1978. You knew me when I only
had 2 dance dresses a blue one for Fridays and a red one for Saturdays. You used to
call me MOM back then and now you call me big sister. I watched you turn from a
young man to fine middle age man and I'm still proud to be called big sister. I'm
proud of you.

Bill, my dear Chauffeur Bill...what a pleasure to see you tonight again and the shock
to see you decked out in your limousine suit. You looked marvelous. I had so many
flashbacks of all the wonderful times with the limo and all the great times we had
with misty's friends and you always looked sharp as ever. Tonight was no exception,
you looked great!

Mike! Remember when we went to the Rocking Horse in the limo on a Friday when
they were doing line dancing? Remember all the birthdays that we celebrated at
Misty's and at Latitude 47!? It was so good to see you again. Congratulations on your
next wife and I hope this one works for you.

Cowboy Al.....I named you that because of your cowboy boots! Thanks for the fun
dances we had so many years, and Randy too! You drove me crazy talking about your
gun collection, but I always liked you for your politeness. Thanks for always being

Allen, what can I say, we have lots of history at Misty's. I met you there and we fell
instantly in love with each other there. Our friends watched us as we played out some
of the most outrageous games and we defied the laws of gravity with all the stunts
we pulled. I'm glad you came. Although it's now almost 4 years since we divorced,
but I know that we will always remain friends and I'm glad that we can remain at
peace with each other. As usual, tonight you had everyone in stitches with your antics.

To all of you who gave me your bucks tonight....thankyou!!!!!
Allen and I got into a feverish competition. We both wanted that trip to San Francisco,
but I saw lots of cheating going on in the end and so even though I had $12,000.00 in
"money" I still beat Allen by several thousands! HA HA!!!

Not all of us were there tonight....I did not see...

Pat & Dot (I thought you were coming!)

But those of you that were there......that's all that matters....YOU were there....I was
there and it was the best reununion we all could have had to bid our Misty's farewell
as we best remembered it.

I don't know where you will all go now that you don't have Misty's any more, but I want
to invite you all to come and try out the other places where my partner Dale and I

Over the blaring music it was difficult to talk tonight and I think we all talked more
about our past and our memories of Misty's than we did of our present and future.

Since I left Misty's I became a ballroom dance instructor, you all have my card now
and my boyfriend and dance partner and I have our own dance business. You can
get more information by clicking on my web site links below. I still teach Spanish, but
we are also teaching ballroom dance now as well.

I would like to invite all of you to come out to the Mountaineers Club on Friday june
23rd. The DJ that night will be Paul Thompson from Star 101.5 and my partner Dale
and I will kick off the evening that night with a Cha-Cha dance exhibition. After that we
will be teaching a half an hour of some simple Cha-cha steps and then the DJ will
take it from there and play great music that you can dance to.

I know many of you are fearful of partner dancing but I assure you that you can still do
your FREESTYLE dancing if you want. You dance to what you are comfortable. The
people are friendly and it's a huge dance floor. Lots of nice people to dance with and
great music.

I hope you would give it a try. Of course you can continue to be a stick in the mud, but
that's your choice.

Don't forget I am a dance instructor so if you are interested in taking dance
lessons.......I'm available! Lessons are $25/hour for private lessons.

Hope to see you all soon. Come give Dale and me your support. We are great

Goodbye Misty's....thanks for the memories!

Hugs to you all!
Luba, one of our favorite waitress
Part of the group that was there that night
Our dancing Queen, Carmen
Randy and Gloria
Carmen and Allen
Just party on ...
Jim and Maria
The group found our ways to Misty's at the once know as the Red Lions or was it the
DoubleTree Hotel, no it is now the Hilton. But Misty's is no longer after the night of June
3, 2006.  So here are some of the pictures for our last night together....
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